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Personal finance experts: they're just like you.

Like you, I have a regular job. It's a good job and I like it, but I'm not an influencer making millions on one #ad, and I'm not a guru raking it in from speaking engagements.


I've built a solid, corporate career spanning the tech and retail industries at Fortune 500 companies, and my areas of expertise include negotiation, sales, career development, and personal finance. 

I know a lot about managing money, which is something I took for granted until I realized that many of my own successful colleagues and friends were struggling to understand how to manage the money they work so hard to earn. That is what inspired me to write More Than Cash: What To Do With Your Money Now That You’re Finally Making Some.


I love to ski, so maybe if I manage my money well enough I can get that multimillion dollar Jackson Hole ski house.


I have a BA from Notre Dame in Psychology and Spanish and live in Manhattan.

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